About Coach "Yah-Tay"

Greetings From Your Personal "Success" Coach

Yataye “Yah-Tay” Keaton, BA, CC is a Certified Life Coach and Life Purpose & Career Coach from the Life Purpose Institute located in San Diego, California.  Prior to becoming a “Success Coach,” she served in the United States Navy for seven years where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii – West Oahu’.

“Yah-Tay” is also accredited as a Certified Youth Worker by the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County (B.E.S.T. Initiative Training Program), a Prevention & Outreach Educator and a trained Para Professional (by Duval County Schools).  Her professional experience also includes, but is not limited to community service/outreach; public education/speaking and volunteering.

Her love of working with young people has afforded her the opportunity to work with many youth servicing agencies, drop-out prevention programs, at-risk adolescents, pregnant teens, after school programs, churches, juvenile detention centers, recreation centers, prevention-focused residential facilities, therapeutic group homes (serving homeless, abused, neglected children), Education Department of Pinellas County, Duval County Schools, Sumter County Schools and Richland School District One and a host of other agencies, nonprofit organizations and programs that serve families and children.

“Yah-Tay” strongly believes in “Preparing Our Youth and Young Adults” to reach their goals, dreams and aspirations at a bigger, better, faster rate.  She also informs, educates and equips them by Substitute Teaching (currently in Sumter County and Richland One School District K-12), and providing tailor-made personal growth and development sessions as a Certified Life Coach that ready our youth and young adults for a bright future.

“Yah-Tay” further imparts life skills that assist with discovering their ideal careers or life purpose.  She recognizes the importance of proper planning techniques and preparation strategies being instilled in our youth and young adults so, that she has personally taken on the mission of leading the charge, “One Youth at a Time!” (Psalm 32:8)

"Preparing Our Young People For Excellence In School And Life!"