The Real Meaning of Design...

Yataye “Yah-Tay” Keaton, MPA, CC is the Founder and CEO of From The Heart Designs, LLC (FTH Designs). She is known for her extensive community involvement throughout Florida and Georgia, for her expertise as a: Designer, Certified Life Coach/Life Purpose & Career Coach, Certified Youth Worker, Program/Event Coordinator, Entrepreneur, Military Veteran and Visionary.

Her vision of bringing harmony to one’s dwelling space and personal life created this “Unique Labor of Love.” Passionate about young people, “Yah-Tay” assists with clarifying direction, developing visions and creating plans that will guide them safely toward their said goals, dreams and aspirations. “Yah-Tay” is also a Natural Hair Advocate and the visionary behind Real Rootz Apparel (Clothing Line) and Real Rootz Naturals, an organization that champions individuals of African Heritage who have chosen to return back to their natural hair texture.

A Teacher and Mentor, "Yah-Tay" utilizes life coaching to transform lives and enhance home/business environments by design.  Zealous about sharing her gifts and talents through community involvement, “Yah-Tay’s” professional contribution and commitment to serve speak for themselves as she uses her creativity, education and diverse experiences to assist and/or support businesses, families and young people. “Yah-Tay” also lends herself to the concept of building collaborations and partnerships thus expanding her ability to comprehensively make a difference in the lives of others.


"Designing Lives and Nurturing Environments"